Total Source

TVH China's commitment

Being part of the global TVH network, TVH China is committed to offering the most competitive pricing available to each of its customers. Therefore TVH China can rely on the permanent analysis by the group’s market intelligence team.

TVH China aims to diversify and update its stock, based on market requirements, in order to shorten delivery times, where possible.

TVH China acts within the same quality framework as the whole TVH group. Hence, all parts sold in Greater China are of the Total Source brand, controlled by the TVH Group, and of a EU import quality. Warranties periods are entirely the same as anywhere else in the group.

In the after sales field, TVH China strives to assist customers with all available technical back-up in the complete TVH network. The sales office in China can not only count on the know-how of the local sales people but also on more than 40 years of experience from its headquarters

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