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Quality is our concern every day. Optimising and guaranteeing the quality of our products is a continuous process. The delivery of a product of perfect quality is an absolute priority for us.

How can you repair a forklift truck if the spare part does not fit or does not work 100 per cent? Monitoring the quality of over 450,000 stock items and over 100,000 lines sold every year is no sinecure.

Good and positive communication with our customer is essential. Any problem reported by a customer is always analysed thoroughly.

Parts that are sent in by a customer are all extensively tested. For example, a starter is subject to computer-controlled testing according to approximately 150 parameters.

Our task is to inform you objectively, to assume our responsibility and take the necessary actions to guarantee the quality of our products on the long term. That is why we can offer you a 6 month warranty on all our parts.



We can source the right part, at the right price, from an extensive brand range

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